It was 35 years ago that Famalicão was elevated to the status of city and that date could not go unnoticed. To mark this important milestone, the Municipality of Famalicão inaugurated the Praça da Cidadania where the name of the city was placed in monobloc, entirely in aluminum. The symbol and letters that make up the word “Famalicão” do not go unnoticed: in addition to being more than 2 meters high, the name of the city extends for almost 12 meters in width.

The project was signed by U Lah Lah, from the creative conception, the creation of 3D models, to the simulation in real context, production management and implementation of the monobloc.

This is a project that, in addition to integrating the landscape in a harmonious way and creating a great visual impact, is also an extremely important element in the communication and tourist promotion of the Municipality of Famalicão in the world.

Due to its size and splendor, “Famalicão” is not indifferent to the eyes of those who pass by.

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